You start singing at an early age.

You pick up your brother’s guitar.

You learn some other instruments.

You form a heavy band and call it Retsox.

You form a heavier band and first call it Tri Pod, then The Midgets.

You get tired of bands and of heavy.

You go acoustic, record an album on your own and call your self Onk Lou.

Your name is Lukas Weiser and that’s a boring name for making music.

Associations: Lukas – Lou – stories – lap – uncle (in German: Onkel) – Onk – Lou Onk? … No! Onk Lou!!

You play on your own.

On your own means alone …

You form another band and call it Onk Lou & The Better Life Inc..

Since the age of 10 I’m addicted to making music and now – either alone or in a pack – I’m out to hunt your ears!!!

Thank you! ;)


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